On the way of Baklai(বাকলাই এর পথে-৫)

Day-5: On the way of Baklai(বাকলাই এর পথে-৫)

This is the continuation from the Day-4 of our 5 days of Baklai(বাকলাই) trekking at Bandarban(বান্দরবান). Also this is the last part of the series.

This was the last day from our Baklai(বাকলাই) trekking. We have already felt the heat of crowds yesterday. From Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) to Bogalake(বগা লেক), we even had to straggle for finding a place for pee. Lot of peoples were available on the trek, lot of means really a lot of. We have already presumed what could happen today(leaving)!

Around 3:30 at morning, Hasnat(হাসনাত) and Muntasir(মুনতাসির) leaved us. They wanted to reach Dhaka before the night, that’s why leaved us so early. We have finished our breakfast very early at the morning and left the hut of Paloi(পালই). Possibly it was before 7:00 at morning when we have cleared the checking at BogaLake(বগা লেক) Army Camp. Lot of other peoples were waiting at Boga Lake and they have also planned to leave Boga on the same day, but at the later part of the day.

From the camp, the trek was easy. In fact the rest of the path is piece a cake for any trekker. We have reached within half an hour to the place where the local vehicles use to give a stoppage. Lot of other groups were waiting there too. And still lot of people were returning from the Boga Lake(বগা লেক) like us. But no vehicles were available. It had a lot of demand of the vehicle, but the supply was all most nothing.

Yesterday we got friendly with another group, all of the members from the group were student. That very same group were waiting for the vehicle at that stoppage too. We were 7 in our group and they were 7. So we have combined together to minimize the transportation cost. But where is the vehicle??

We had to wait around 4 hours for a vehicle on that stoppage. Most of the vehicles were already booked by the guides who have started even earlier than us. Within that nothing to do four hours, we had to get drenched by frequent rain within the flipping of cloud and bright sun.

We have reached to Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) around at 1:30. We had a plan to visit the Rijhuk(রিঝুক) Waterfall. But for that unwanted delay, we couldn’t do that. I have gone lot times to Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার), and never visited that falls like other members from the team. By merging with the same other group, we have hired a boat for Bandarban(বান্দরবান) town. It was possibly around 3600 taka, I can not remember that right now.

We have started the boat ride just before the 2:00 at afternoon. Last time the boat journey was slight tiring as it was very hot around(also I did trekking first time then). But today it was really a charming weather. Though we had a plan to have a nap inside the boat, but we couldn’t. We couldn’t resist ourselves to enjoy the beauty around by sitting atop of the roof of the boat.

It was a long four hours of Boat journey with the flow of the river Shangu(সাঙ্গু). We have found a lot of clouds were very near to the river. Shangu(সাঙ্গু) river is not that much higher from the sea level. So it was quite unexpected for me to see clouds on there. Several times the rain has threaten us, but never came.

The days around the August use to be very long. Few fro our team were planning for visiting the Golden Temple from the town. I wasn’t that much interested on that. Cause I didn’t brought any fullpants with me on this tour and you can not enter into the temple premise with bare feet.

We have reached near to the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) town just few minutes after the 6:00. Once again, for lack of time, my trekking mates had to miss the golden temple too. We had still less than two hours on hand. Tushar(তুষার) and Shuvo(শুভ) had a bath on the Shangu(সাঙ্গু) river. The water of the river was full of dirt as the drainage from the town is directly linked with the river. Also, this river use to have muddy water. So I have refrained myself from jumping inside the water, though my mind was itching for that.

After a dinner at nearby hotel, we have left the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) town using the night coach. Unfortunately we got the last two rows from the Bus. And it had lot of jerking throughout the way. We were too much tired, otherwise it was really hard to sit on those back seats.

This is the continuation from the Day-3 of our 5 days of Baklai(বাকলাই) trekking at Bandarban(বান্দরবান).

Like any other busy days of our trekking, we have waked up early at the morning. Had a quick breakfast using the leftovers from last nights. So it was a very light breakfast. Before leaving the house, we have cleared all the bills. It was quite unusual as everything at Bandarban(বান্দরবান) got commercialized now a days. Even we had to pay for the water and the chopped wood this time(1200 taka only for those).

During the morning, it is always a chilling weather inside the hilly areas regardless the season. It always makes me lazy and instigate me to sleep a bit. We were leaving the Baklai(বাকলাই) behind. It was returning, means packing the tour. Most of us were grasped by a sad emotion. It was just before 8:00 at morning.

While leaving the village, first half an hour was quite tough. Last night had a slight rain. Also, lot of Goyal(গয়াল), and cows use to pass through the path. So it was completely turned into a thick muddy curd. I don’t know how many times I have lost my sandal inside those muddy things.

Day before yesterday, we saw a small waterfall while entering the village. I had a plan to have a shower at that fall. But i was daunted by the cold weather and the reluctant attitude from my other trekking mates. So had to say a bye to that mini falls sadly.

Once again, we were on a mission to cross the capital hill. This hill is famous for the leeches. I don’t know why this is called capital hill, but to me, it is truly the capital of leeches. Last two days I was feeling tired, but today I was feeling fresh. I think my body was habituated by the first few days of hard work.

Amid of our way, we had a break together. It was not a comfortable place for break. Lot of leeches were crawling around us. But still, we had the break amid of those thirsty carnivorous creatures. Half of the members decided to have more breaks, so rest of us left them on the trek.

A mini waterfall near to the Baklai Para.

Next one hour was really annoying for me. I don’t know why, but lot of leeches had attacked me that time. I was bleeding from 7/8 places from my feet. Even still few other leeches were sucking bloods from my feet. I could feel those, but had nothing to do. I was just waiting for a suitable place for stay a while and remove those stinky things.

It was a relief when we have crossed the capital hill. We took a short break and started removing the leeches from the feet. Most of those were hiding under the stripes of my sandal and also hiding inside between fingers. It was futile to try stopping bleeding from leech’s bites. So ignoring those bleeding, we have started trekking again.

This time I have ran through the trek most of the times. I was feeling like an 18 years lad while doing that. We have put an end to my exuberance when we reached at the main trek of Thaikhong Para(থাইখং পারা). Among four of us, Hasnat(হাসনাত) and Muntasir(মুনতাসির) had a hurry. They wanted to return back to Chittagong by today. So they left us on there, but me and Rashed(রাশেদ ) were waiting on the trek for the members who were behind us.

I had a good enough nap amid of the wide path. But still had no sign for the members behind. So we have started trekking, but at a slow pace. We had a slight rain on our trekking, but otherwise it was bright and sunny always. I had lot of guavas on my bag. Both of us enjoyed those frequently.

At other day, we found lot of trekkers on our way. But today it was completely empty. Didn’t see any trekkers on our way. In fact we rarely have seen the villagers. When we have reached near to a residential school, we put another long break. We had guava, marfa(মারফা), etc to enjoy the break. Again we didn’t see any sign from the members behind us. So started moving again.

We were walking and walking, sometimes upwards, and sometimes downwards, but the road was never going to have an end. Even no other people on the way, except me and Rashed(রাশেদ). But suddenly we found a trekking group was trekking in front of us. We were surprised to see them. It was almost impossible to be any team ahead of us as we left very early at morning, and also we didn’t see any team crossed us.

Later we have discovered that we have passed the turn of Jadipai(জাদিপাই) waterfall, and we were so tired that we didn’t notice that. Basically those guys were returning from the Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall. After passing a short chitchat with them, we moved again. And after that it had a rain, a heavy one. We had to struggle to climb up to passing para for the slippery roads.

At passing para, we had a break at the balcony of a tribal house. It basically previously was a shop. But recently the owner stopped selling goods here. It was 1:00 pm of the day. Initially me and Rashed(রাশেদ) had an hour of break at there. Later Rashed(রাশেদ) leaved me there and moved to Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) for lunch. But I have passed another one hour there by sharing my experience to that tribal, and learning his experience from him. It was an awesome moments for me.

Passing para is always a beautiful one. You’ll always see the playing of clouds there. When the rain stopped, the clouds were changing it’s shape. I saw how a totally cloud covered village got cleared slowly within those two hours, including rain.

Possibly it was 3:30, when my other lagging teammates have joined me there. They were tired and exhausted. In fact, they caught by rain on the way and struggled throughout the whole path. With them, I have started moving again. This time our destination was Boga lake(বগা লেক). Though initially we have planned for Boga Mukh para(বগা মুখ পারা) for staying at night.

We have skipped our lunch as we already made a late. We had a break at Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা). For your information, still two of us were behind the trek, and I didn’t see them till then. I was reluctant to trek on night today. Cause last four days we had to trek on night, so not today again. So I was moving faster.

A mid of the trek, a shelter was established by the authorities. Dirty minded tourists had messed the area by throwing crumbs and packs around. I have taken a break there. But alas! we saw Zahid(জাহিদ) was coming slowly. He was very slow today, also struggling for knee problem, and Tushar(তুষার) and I could not leave him like that behind. So we were accompanying him, and by then I knew we had to trek on darkness, again!

We were moving very slowly. It was basically a 40 minutes of path to reach at Boga lake from there. But unfortunately we required almost 2 hours to complete this. I was feeling angry inside, but couldn’t express it as its a rule to respect every teammates. One by one all other trekkers have crossed us on the way. But we were moving like a turtle!

This path usually does not have any leeches. But during night, leeches do not count on path. So once again I had to grant few drops of my blood for the leeches. When we have reached on the cottage of Paloi(পালই) at Boga Lake(বগা লেক), it was almost 8:00 at night.

Yet, still two of us were missing. We were worried for them, but we knew that they would come back soon. It was 9:30 at night when those two have returned. They were dog tired, didn’t have any torch light on hand. Even one of them, Shuvo(শুভো) was bitten by a poisonous spider. Luckily It just only made his arm swollen a bit.

It was a market like place at Boga Lake. Outnumbers of tourists were available on that night as it was during the Eid vacation. Even it was difficult to find a spot on the Boga Lake(বগা লেক) for a shower at night. We went to the bed after having a dinner at night.

During the night it had a heavy rain. Possibly it was after 11:00 at night. Everywhere were silent. The chaotic tourist were in deep sleep and snoring on the bed. It was only the heavy drops of rain on the tinned roof. I have enjoyed that heavy rain sound and slept well. It was a bonus for me.

Day-5, also the last day of trekking is available at here. You’ll find how we have returned to Dhaka.

Just after the rain at passing Para.

Clouds were moving away slowly.

Most of the clouds are gone, few were buoyant at far mountain.

It was the day-3 and we have reserved the day for exploring another beautiful waterfall. Name of the waterfall is Baklai, a possible candidate for tallest waterfall from Bangladesh. I have created a separated article based on the waterfall, and exploring. Detail about the day is articled on that one. If you have time, you can read that too.

It was the second day from our tour. According to our initial plan, we had only a six hours of trekking which would lead us to the Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). So we were not in a hurry at morning. As I already told you we had two groups combined together. Suddenly that other group decided to visit the Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall on the way. I was interested to visit this waterfall from the beginning of the tour. So It was a chance and I was trying to convince the members from our group. And finally succeeded to convince most of the members.

What happened next is available Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall article. If you are interested, you can read that article. After retuning from the waterfall, we have joined our rest of the team members who were waiting at the Jadipai Para(জাদিপাই পারা). After taking a short break we have started our main trekking.

Initially we were trekking on a quick pace. But accruing the time few of us were losing the pace. The path was very very easy. Basically it was a path for vehicle. Wide enough, and very risk free. Trust me, I wasn’t getting any flavor of trekking on such road.

As it was the second day after Eid. Lot of tourists were available on the trek today. So far I can remember there were 5/6 groups including us. All of those teams were destined for Baklai para(বাকলাই পারা). All of them will summit the Tajingdong(তাজিংডং) and pass through the Thanchi(থানচি). But only our group will return back using the same route.

It was possibly around at 1:00 or 1:30 when we had a break. We means, Shuvo(শুভো), Rajib(রাজীব), me and guide Johny. As we were trekking slowly, we have remained back always. Possibly 30 minutes of distance. Suddenly from out of nothing, we found a large group was approaching towards us. Their team had few female trekkers too. I was amazed by there presence. Our female friends use to come with us on trek, but we never able to bring as they are physically quite weak and also having lack of courage. So felt happy, our friends couldn’t but at least they are achieving it.

It was possibly at 3:00 when we have reached a place near the Thaikhong Para(থাইখং পারা). From that place the trek was diverged into a narrow one and having a little bit more excitement. We have caught few of our members on that place. But leave them as we three lazy required more rests. After all other groups are disappeared, we have started our walking.

The sky ahead us was culling clouds we were sensing an advent rain. It was the ‘Capital Hill’ when we were crossing and amid of the trail caught by rain. We were walking on the narrow treks on a slower pace. The paths got slippy but wasn’t that much risky. Only problem is the ‘Capital Hill’ is really a capital for the leeches.

Morning Glory Flower.

The team of those female were actually the slowest team among other teams today. Despite of our slow trekking, we have crossed them again. They were checking for the leeches on body standing on the grasses! I saw few of the boys were checking for leeches on their buttocks by losing the trousers.

I had a chat with few members on the trek before. So had another short chatting session amid of the way again. They were from a cultural organization from Chittagong town. On that team there was a female who likes my blog ‘Lonely Traveler’ but she never knew it was me and so did I(we knew it after retuning back to Dhaka).

Anyway, after another few 10/15 minutes of trekking, I found myself without any energy. My feet were not listening to me. Body was loathing to obey my commands. So amid of the trek just dropped my body and almost went to a sleep. I was sweating like hell and was hungry like anything. I didn’t take much food at my breakfast. I thought there will be shops/village on our trek, and I could replete my energy easily. Even I didn’t keep any dry foods with me either. So I sucked up on the trek.

Me and our guide Johny was sitting on the trek. Even our 16 years guide boy was tired too. He was talking that he have never felt on such way before at trek. So we were waiting for our other two members who were behind us. it was Shuvo(শুভো) and Rajib(রাজীব). Actually we four just separated behind from our team.

Seeing my condition, few members from that cultural group generously asked me to know whether I was having any problem or not. I was hungry, but replied with a dry smile “I am perfectly ok, just waiting for my two mates behind”. I was sitting beside grass and the leeches. Few of them warned my about the presence of leeches. But I wasn’t on such state to think about leeches, also I have no scarceness about leech. They have passed me.

When the other twos joined me, we found that none of us were having any foods. I had few packs of oral saline. Shuvo(শুভো) had three mini packs of chili sauces. Shuvo(শুভো) couldn’t remember why he picket those mini packs on his bag! So after finding no other options, we have eaten those sauces. And trust me those were the best sauces I have ever had in my whole life. I have pressed the packet to squeeze out every drop of sauces from it.

I think we had a break of an hour or more on that place. We were waiting for the sunset so that we could trek easily on darkness.

After the darkness we have started our trekking again using torch light. We were extremely lucky, from that point we didn’t have to do any uphill task. Trust me, we didn’t have any energy to so on that night. But as it was almost near to flatland, we have run through the trek like a ghost without any break. All of us feasted by the leeches mercilessly. Amid of the path we found an empty packet of biscuit left by other trekkers ahead of us. We have checked the packet whether any piece of biscuit(s) was available or not 😦

The path was not ending for us. It seemed such a long to us that even our guide was confused whether we were in the correct route or not. But luckily we could see the flashes of torch lights ahead. It was that cultural team from Chittagong. They were crossing a pool made from the log of tree over a small canal. We had to cross such pools 10/15 for the last few hours. And I think that actually halted their pace and helped us to catch them again. So we weren’t surprise to see them again.

But we were surprised when we have found four of our members were walking behind that team. We were confused to see them behind that team. Our only question was what the hell they were doing there? Did they come back to look for us? Actually they have lost in the trek. And they knew we were behind, so they have waited on trail for more than an hour. But before us that team reached and they have followed behind them.

Wild Balsam flower(দোপাটি ফুল)

Since it was near to the village, those four, and we four, total eight of us took a short break. Refreshed by the water from the Jhiri(ঝিরি) beside the road. I think we have reached at the village when it was 8:00 or few minutes after eight. For the first time I have trekked a whole day where we didn’t have to go through any Jhiri Path(ঝিরি পথ).

After reaching the village, I had around 40 large pieces of large biscuits from a shop. So now guess how hungry I was! It was a pretty event full day. If you want to read about the Day-3.

Day-1: On the way of Baklai(বাকলাই এর পথে-১)

Once again Tushar(তুষার) arranged a trekking tour for Bandarban(বান্দরবান) at the last Eid vacation. I was unsure about the tour due to my back pain. But after a dillydally, have joined with the team at the night of Eid. Our bus has left the station at night 11:00 and we have arrived at the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) town at 5:15. As it was the night of Eid, the whole road was free and the driver drove the bus like a missile.

Initially we were a team of 14 members. Tough it will be separated into two later. Scheduled public bus service normally starts at 8:30. So without wasting the three hours, we have managed a Moon Rocket/Chander Gari(চাঁদের গাড়ী) for 3000 taka. It will drop us at Koikhangchhori(কৈক্ষঙছড়ি). Normally a bus takes around 3 hours to reach to that place. But this vehicle took less than two hours.

The road near bus stand is covered by landslides.

It was around 7:30 of the morning, and there were no boats at the Ghat(ঘাট).The boatman wasn’t interested to start the boat until its packed totally. So finding no other alternatives, we have convinced another group with 15 members and we all together started for Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) on that boat. As the boat was riding against the flow of water, it took near about two hours to reach at the Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার).

View of pristine Boga Lake.

Belal(বেলাল) and Johny(জনি), our two guides were waiting at Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) for us. As we’ll split into two groups at day-3 we required two guides. One group will move forward to Thanchi(থানচি), and other one will return back using the same route from Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা).

Normally we use to arrive at Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) after 12 or 1:00 at noon. As it was only 9:30 at morning, we had an advantage of three hours. But unfortunately we couldn’t take the whole advantage. We have wasted more than two hours on shopping, breakfast, and army camp issues. It is always hectic when you are having a large group to maintain.

Using another Chander Gari(চাঁদের গাড়ী), we have started for Boga Lake(বগা লেক). It was raining heavily. Few us were skittish on the seat for the vehement swiveling. After a certain point, the vehicle dropped us on the road. From there we have to start our trekking. It was our known route. We had to climb the steep path just before the Boga Lake(বগা লেক) army camp. It was slippery and cumbersome task.

I always like Boga Lake(বগা লেক). But day by day it is decaying it’s beauty due to the overwhelming tourists. Some nonsense tourists use to trash their crumbs, packets and other stuffs on the water. Mini pack of the shampoo and soap are common things on the water.

Jhiri on the way of Keokaradong.

We have taken a break for one hour at Boga Lake(বগা লেক). On that break few have completed their prayers, few got lunch, me and others were busy with swimming at the water. I like swimming, and do it whenever I get chance. I am kind of addicted to it. The lucid crystal water of Boga lake(বগা লেক) always invites me to jump inside.

After the break, when we have started for Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), it was around 3:00 of the day. It was really hard to manage such a large group. Once upon a time the road from Boga Lake to Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) was quite difficult. But now a days its piece a cake. Its a total risk free trekking route. Normally it takes around 3-4 hours to complete.

We have walked continually through the exquisite beauty and the picturesque scenes. Few of us were new on trekking. They were finding it hard to climb the hills but they were exulted by the mammoth hills. Since it was just after the Eid day, not that much tourists were available. Most of the people will start coming from tomorrow and this place will be a market then.

It was just before the sunset when we have reached at the Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা). Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা) is another beautiful village from Bandarban(বান্দরবান). No matter the season, the weather is always cold during night. The whole village use to be inside the cloud at night. We have taken a break for one hour. We have refreshed on a tea stall. And those who are pious did a prayer amid of the break.

View before Darjiling Para(দার্জিলিং পারা).

After the darkness we have started trekking. Our target was to reach the Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং). It was just 30-40 minutes of uphill task. We were using torch lights to locate trails. I always love to trek at night. Its easier to trek during night as there is no scorching sun on the sky. Also the hilly area is always cool during night, kind of winter flavor.

After reaching the Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) and freshen up, I had a nap for one hour or two. We have had our dinner at Lala’s house. For your information, Lala(লালা) is the owner of Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) as per document.

A cascade of mountains.

We had a long trek ahead next day, so went to the bed early at night. You can find that story from previous.Bandarban: Baklai Waterfall(বাকলাই ঝরনা)

Baklai Jhorna(বাকলাই ঝরনা) is the possible tallest waterfall from our motherland Bangladesh. It is having a height of around 380 feet. It is located near at the village Baklai(বাকলাই), a village which is deep inside the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) hills. To visit this waterfall, you need to have 5-7 days on hand based on your performance on the trek. It is accessible both from Thanchi(থানচি) and Ruma(রুমা).

A picturesque view amid of the Baklai Jhiri.

10/12 years back a group of ebullient travelers have traveled inside Bandarban(বান্দরবান). They have delved the hills of Bandarban(বান্দরবান) for more than a month. During that visit they have discovered this Baklai(বাকলাই) waterfall from the top. They didn’t watch it from the front/base. So they were not aware about the height of the waterfall.

Later(its 3/4 years back from now), DWay Expeditors have traveled a place near to the waterfall and only hearing the sound. Hearing the immense roaring sound of the waterfall from far couldn’t refrain them to discover what it is actually. Later they have came up with this massive Baklai waterfall(বাকলাই ঝরনা). And thus how the waterfall is confronted to the public. Even today, very few travelers use to visit this waterfall.

Tough Climbing through jungle.

Our only task was visiting the waterfall today, so we have had a relax morning. Everyone of us were lazy. Last night 3/4 groups were at Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). When we have waked up, all of those groups already have left the village. After the breakfast possibly at 10:00 at morning we have started for the waterfall. We have taken a local tribal(our host, house owner) with us to show us the way. He cost almost a thousand(taka) for his help.

The initial one hour was through the path of Zum(জুম). For your information, the path of Zum(জুম) are always harder. Cause those are designed to cover the most crop fields and unnecessarily twisted and turned from the trekking point of view. Anyway, the view around the trail was amazing and most of the paths were risk free.

After the Zum(জুম), the next one hour was through the Jhiri(ঝিরি) of the Baklai(বাকলাই) Waterfall. Baklai(বাকলাই) falls doesn’t produce to much water, so presumably the Jhiri(ঝিরি) is having mild amount of water flow. But the serene path is packed with large boulders of stones. Few of those stones are slippy, and few of those are extremely difficult for climbing. So we have bypassed such things. While walking through the Jhiri(ঝিরি), for a long period of time we didn’t see the sun for the lash green trees which made the trek mysterious.

At one point of the Jhiri(ঝিরি)(which is also almost near to the waterfall), the steeps were sharp and the flow of the water was respectable. Our guide bypassed that by climbing the steep hill which has no path. You have to chop and move forward by making a path yourself on such occasion.

The Soil of that portion was very loose, so did the stones. Any careless move might cause those stones sliding down and damage to your co-trekkers who were down behind you. That portion of the trek was full of ants, bees, and leeches. Lot of fallen leafs were down there which made the place is a heaven for those creatures. Some of us have attacked by the bees and got welcome kiss.

That climbing lasted for an hour. After the climbing, we have reached a place from where we saw the first full view of the waterfall. From that place, it was another 15/20 minutes of careful climbing over massive rocks to reach at the base of the waterfall. Later we have had an invigorating shower at the basin beneath the waterfall.

After exploring and enjoying the waterfall we were returning all together. But when we have reached near to the Zum(জুম) trail, three lazies Shuvo(শুভ), Rajib(রাজীব) and me decided to stay back. We had a nap and rested at a Zum Hut(জুম ঘর) near on the trail for around two hours.

Down stream of the waterfall. This is the only path to come here.

We three have started walking at afternoon 5:30 and confused with the correct path. It caused us 45 minutes of walking for nothing. Slowly darkness covered the mountains. We had to walked using our torch lights. Several leeches sucked our blood once again. But somehow finally we have returned back to the shelter like any other times. Everyone from our team were exulted by seeing us as we lazies didn’t lost behind.

Bandarban: Jadipai Waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা)

Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) is located at deep inside the hilly area of Bandarban(বান্দরবান) from Bangladesh. I have seen lot of waterfalls from Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ), but Jadipai(জাদিপাই) is the most beautiful waterfall as per my observation.

A view from Jadipai Para.

What does the word Jadipai(জাদিপাই) means? I have asked one tribal from Passing Para(পাসিং পারা) about the word. Though most of his sentences were not clear to me, but the summary is, a flame of fire(they called Jadi(জাদি)) is seen at the hills near there every month, once or twice.

A flatland surrounded by hills.

Anyway, our main intention was to do a six hours of trek from Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) to Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). But at early morning some of us decided to visit the Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) first, and after that they will march for Baklai Para(বাকলাই পারা). But later, one by one, all most every member from the team decided to visit the Jadipai(জাদিপাই) first. I was the catalyst to influence their decision.

Firs clear view of the waterfall through jungle.

From Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), it took around 2 hours(or more) to reach at the waterfall. It was totally a downhill trekking which takes the exam of your knee. Amid of our downhill trekking we have had a break at the Jadipai para(জাদিপাই পারা). Few of us had lighten our bags at the house of Laal Ring(লাল রিং), a tribal.

After the most of the hard working downhill trekking, we have encountered a lovely flatland on our way. The Jadipai(জাদিপাই) village was actually near here previously but shifted later. Its a total flatland and a Jhiri(ঝিরি) is flowing through it. We have slacked our thirst here once again.

The last 20 minutes of the trekking towards the waterfall was slight risky for its vertical downhill path. Also the path is entirely covered with leeches. Local tribal use to call this Jadipai(জাদিপাই) Waterfall as the waterfall of Leech. Hence they do not visit this portion very often.

On the way to the base of the waterfall.

But we were lucky. It was around 11.00 at morning. Sun at the sky was really heating and it was scorching. Also lot of tourists already have visited the path before us today. So combining all the factors, the activity of leeches were negligible. But trust me, this final 20 minutes of the path use to be the nest of leeches.

Meandered top of the waterfall.

After reaching to the bottom of the waterfall we had an invigorating shower. Also we have enjoyed few moments around the falls. Its a lovely waterfall. The surface of the waterfall is corrugated and this is the main reason to make the waterfall more beautiful. Another thing is the width of the waterfall. In Bangladesh you’ll not see too many waterfalls are having such width. Finally, the height of the waterfall is respectable too.

Its easy to reach Jadipai waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা). But you’ll remember the returning path in your whole life. Its around 2.5 hours(or more) of sharp climbing. Its really a hard working task. Possibly this is the reason for people who have visited the waterfall do not visit twice.

If you are planning to visit the waterfall, you can stay at Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং), Passing Para(পাসিং পারা), or at Jadipai para(জাদিপাই পারা). Best time for visiting is around rainy season.

Front view of the waterfall.

Beneath the waterfall for shower.

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