Top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit (with pictures)

Top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit

Top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit (with pictures)

Bangladesh is a land of beauty with a huge numbers of natural resources. This south Asian country is bordering with India and Myanmar. The tourism sector of Bangladesh is not developed so well compare with the other country yet. But, the government is trying their best to ensure the all faculties to the tourist. The good aspect of Bangladesh is that here all peoples are so friendly and hospitable to the visitors. They become busy how they welcome their guest and treat theme that may not appear in other countries. These innocent peoples smile removes your all hesitation regarding any kind of safety issues. Though Bangladesh is a overcrowded country, but it’s tourism spots are not overcrowded. You can easily visit these places without thinking any kind of safety problem. However, now check out the top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit.

Top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit

1) Sundarbans Mangrove Forest :

Sundarbans mangrove forest
Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. UNESCO also called it as the world heritage site. Actually Sundarbans are distributed in two countries, Bangladesh and India. Most of the parts of it are located in Bangladesh. The last remaining Royal Bengal tigers are seen here. You can also find numerous plants and wilds species in this largest densely covered mangrove forest. For the most tourist attractions, we enlisted Sundarbans at top position of  top 10 Bangladesh destinations.

2) Chittagong Hill Tracts

Chittagong hill tracts
Chittagong is a hilly area with numerous beautiful natural tourist attractions of Bangladesh. This is the place where you can find numerous tribal group with their lifestyle. Most of the tribal groups are living in this area than others places of the country. The beautiful Sangu river are located here. If you can get the permission from the associated authority, you can experience a deep travel of this hill tracts area. As Chittagong is the home of natural resources with hill tracts attractions, we enlisted it in our top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit.

3) Srimangal

Srimangal tea garden
This is an another beautiful place of the country. Srimangal is also called as the tea capital of Bangladesh. If you want to visit the places with calm and also natural beauties, you should visit here. Because, the decorative tea plantation on the hill tracts must amaze you. You can also find Lawachhara National Park, Hamham Waterfall here. There is a good transport system Dhaka to Srimangal and you can stay there easily surrounding the beauty of nature.

4) Rangamati

Rangamati kaptai lake
Rangamati is a district of Chittagong division of the country. It is an another best Bangladesh destinations to visit. If you are a lover of nature, you should visit this place. This is also a hill tracts area with numerous tribal groups. Kaptai Lake is the main tourist attraction here. You can find numerous birds and water plants in this lake. There are more tourist attractions here such as Subhalang Hill, Capital lake, Hanging bridge, Echo village, Peda ting ting and more.

5) St. Martin’s Islands

St. martins islands
St. Martin’s Islands will be the top Bangladesh destinations to visit for the beach lovers. Because, this is only the coral island of the country with numerous natural resources of Bay of Bengal. Here you can find the good tourism facilities with natural beauty of sea. There are private sea beaches, standard hotel and motels, restaurants are available here. You can pass a couple of days with the nature of sea of Bay of Bengal here.

6) Sylhet

Sylhet tourist attractions
Sylhet is north-eastern part of Bangladesh and a place of natural beauties. It is close the the Meghalaya state of neighboring country India. There are Lalakhal Green water canal, Jaflong, Ratargul Swamp forest,  Madhabkunda watterfal are the top tourist places in Sylhet.

7) Bandarban

Bandarban nilgiri resort
This is also a hilly tracts area like Rangamati of the country. There are numerous beautiful tourist spots in Bandarban such as Tajindong, Keokradong, Nilachal, Nilgri Resort, Boga lake, Chimbuk hill, Meghla Tourist complex and more. Some days ago this place were unknown for the visitors as they were not interested to visit for lacking of tourist facilities. Now, the time is changed, government has increased the facilities of rehabilitaion and transport system. Tourists are also visiting their to grab the beauty of nature.

8) Cox’s Bazar

 Cox’s Bazar
Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world having 125 Km sandy sea beach of Bay of Bengal. It is an another beautiful destination of Bangladesh. Here, you can enjoy the sea roar staying the city. There are more attractive places in Cox’s Bazar such as Teknaf, Inani beach, Moheshkhali, Dulahazra safari park, Himchori, Kutubdia.

9) Barisal

Barisal floating market
Barisal is the southern part of Bangladesh. There are numerous big and small rives here. Acctually, it is fully river based division of Bangladesh. If you are a monsoon lovers and want to have experience the beauty of monsoon, you should visit here. Because, during monsoon season, all canals of here become full with fresh and clean water and numerous fishes are seen. The floating market and culture will amaze you.

10) Kuakata:

Kuakata beach
Kuakata is an another best Bangladesh destinations to visit. This is the place where you can see the sunrise as well as sunset at the same place. It is situated in Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. There is 18 kilometers sea beach here and it is one of the largest beautiful sea beach in the world.
Have you travel to Bangladesh before? If you haven’t, you missed a lot. Because, Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty with numerous cultures. You should never consider about the safety. Because, Bangladesh is one of the safest country around the world with fresh and innocent peoples. So, visit Bangladesh and discover the real beauty of nature. © Images source : Internet.


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